Weaving the magic with Author Nilakshi Garg

Twenty Eight Plus one book got showcased in National Changemakers Forum exhibition



On the eve of 28th September 2023, an aesthetic themed book exhibition took place in Durgapur, West Bengal. Among several other books , the book “Twenty Eight Plus one ” written by Youth Author Nilakshi Garg caught the eyes of several visitors.

The book Twenty Eight Plus one by Author Nilakshi Garg ,is a set of wonderful thought provoking and unforgettable stories. One of the best writeups in the book was ” In the Hindsight”- It talks about the busy nature and the duality of life . It reflects the situation when the Human mind is confused to choose between the needs and the wants.

Author Nilakshi Garg gained massive success with her other novel “Mirage “bagging 50 K downloads across India in 1.5 years.

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