Whatsapp crashes for several users


Users throughout the globe are reporting problems with sending and receiving texts on WhatsApp, which appears to be experiencing a bug. The number of people reporting the outage of WhatsApp has sharply increased, according to Downdetector, a company that measures online outages throughout the world.

More than 85% of users experienced issues with messaging, 11% with the app, and 3% with the website.

Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Lucknow are among the Indian cities that are affected, but customers from the US, Germany, South Africa, Bahrain, Bangladesh, and a number of other nations have also complained on the site that the service is currently causing a commotion and isn’t functioning properly.

Meanwhile, Twitter users are coming up with hilarious memes as usual. #whatsapp down is also popular on social media networks.”We are aware that some people are currently having issues sending messages and we are working to restore her WhatsApp for everyone as soon as possible,” a spokeswoman said. a representative said.

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