Woman’s body found in a suitcase near Metro Construction Site



The woman’s identity is still unknown, and a murder case has been filed.According to authorities, a woman’s body was discovered inside a suitcase close to a Mumbai metro railway construction site. The finding came about as a result of a tip to the police about a suspicious suitcase close to a barricade on Shanti Nagar’s CST route.An official was quoted by ANI as saying, “The discovery was made after the police were informed about a suitcase lying abandoned on the CST Road at Shanti Nagar, where work for a Metro project is underway, at around 12.30 pm.”

The official stated that when the police arrived at the scene, they discovered a woman’s body inside the luggage. For an autopsy, the body was taken to a civic hospital.We don’t yet know the woman’s identity. According to preliminary estimates, the woman may be between 25 and 35 years old, but forensic testing is needed to determine her age.”The woman has not been identified yet, but looking at her body, it is being estimated that her age could be between 25-35 years, the woman was wearing a T-shirt and track pants,” they stated.

The police are carefully examining the nearby CCTV footage in hopes of finding a crucial lead.
An unidentified offender is the subject of a complaint filed under Section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).More research is being done.Riyaz Bhati, the assistant of gangster Chhota Shakeel, has been charged for allegedly frightening a witness in a Mumbai extortion case. The witness says he got a call from Bhati threatening to harm him if he didn’t give a favourable testimony. A case has been filed against Bhati, his son, and his buddy by the police, who are currently conducting an investigation.





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