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Interview with Eminent Author of "Case Files of Aadil Mirza " - Gaurav Kumar

by Subhechcha Ganguly

 Since when did you start writing or have interest in writing ?

Almost eight years  back, when I was in 8th Standard I began writing poems and right after that I started writing short stories.It is very funny to mention that I had no Idea about story plotting and developing characters or following a particular genre during the course of the story. Instead what I did, was some kind of inspirational work from other stories. Sometimes I just copied other stories and added some stupid, funny yet peculiar twists that made my stories unique.It was a very enjoyable phase when I began Writing.


Give a brief to the readers about the “Case Files of Aadil Mirza ”

Case files of Aadil Mirza is not just a book. First of all, it is a series of collection of episodes. These short stories are not just stories, they are a series of emotions. Although the intervals of each episode’s release is not continuous but still it makes the reader wait for the next release.The characters of the stories are quite realistic and the reader can always connect the dots of events happening in the stories. They are so well connected that you can always follow along with the protagonist, but to make the story gripping I have given it enough twists and turns.

There is protagonist whose main target is the antagonist, who is often the main culprit but often a passive culprit too.The book tries to make the reader see the events through the eyes of Aadil Mirza, A CBI officer.


You have won the First Step Award by Notion Press . Tell us something about your experience

I think I am still learning even though I have gained some experience and some awards also. I have learnt a lot throughout my journey and I am still looking for more lessons and inspirations in future. When I self-published my first book, I didn’t even know what the cover page should look like. I just wrote the story that stayed in my head for a long time.

My First book was printed in A4 size. I still laugh at it. But I learnt from my mistake, I learnt about margins a bit more, about font formatting, page bleed, Cover page Design, Title selection and all that.I always wanted to be a writer whose books will be waited for a release. And I believe those who read my books, wait for the next ones.

Writing a book is indeed interesting but equally challenging because you need to have the dots of the story already connected in your mind or you’re going to quit.Before the release of my first book, I was planning a science fiction thriller novel, but since I didn’t plan it well I quit it. The more you write, the more motivated and demotivated you will become. I know my statements seems contradictory to each other but you will always see both good and bad sides of writing.

 The youth nowadays are more inclined to series and movies .They rarely read books .Do you think they are missing a lot ? What advice do you have for them ?

This is a sad reality of present time that people have stopped reading books. Internet has its benefits, the most important is researching, but ever since the number of series grew on internet, people started moving towards it.Reading books is moving into past tense.I agree with the thought that they are indeed missing a lot. It is because reading book has its own fun. You can’t scroll like a video while reading a book to look what might happen next. You have to keep reading the pages to reveal the truth.In my view, reading has its own classic flavour that tv shows and series can’t provide.


 How did you think about the plot of your book ?

I am a lifelong learner and therefore a lifelong student. I’m really not a master in plotting my books. I just think of a story. Then I write the start, middle and end of the story and after that I start connecting the dots to make the story meaningful.Aadil Mirza is a series of short crime thriller stories but on top of it, I have some sort of personal attachment with this. The stories are total fiction, but again, the storyline might resemble with anyone’s life, Be it me or someone else.At the end, fiction is also derived from reality. Hence Somewhere, the plot of my book is a derivation from reality.

 What are your future plans as an author ?

My future plans as an author is to write a Historical Novel. I really want to do that. I’m not looking for awards because I believe we should work for the best and leave the rest. I just want to be a beloved author of the audience.


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