A testimonial for “Unsent Letters to the Sky ” by Saptak Dutta

A testimonial by the owner of Ambitions Collection - Mrs. Laily Ganguly


I run a business named Ambitions . I have been a keen observer of books and had an interest in reading since long. Recently I came across a book ” The Unsent Letters to the Sky ” by Saptak Dutta . I came across the book through the “National Changemakers Forum Exhibition .”

The Unsent Letters to the Sky is a collection of peoms each having a beautiful meaning behind it. Amongst the several poems , the poem “Prometheus” did touch my heart. It had a touch of nature ,with a hard hitting practicality.Each line of the poem had a very beautiful meaning. The last stanza is very beautiful and it talks about the sacrifice and love.

Another favourite poem of mine is ” The Sober Empty Sky”. This poem talks about the uniting of loversand how time always manages to leave a scar. The book ” Unsent Letters to the Sky” is packed with emotions and is definitely a wonderful read .

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