An insight to the Book – “The Height of Life in 24 Rains “

Book Review on the Famous book of Author Renu Mangtani


The book ” The Height of Life in 24 Rains” has an account of the ever confident banker and author Renu Mangtani. Special Credits is given to “Abhishaik Chitraans” who has suggested the Title of the Book.  The book throws light on important and valuable topics like ” Human Birth and its purpose” , “Youth Life” , “Women Empowerment”, Spiritual World and other important topics.

This book beautifully describes the three phases that one goes through in life, namely the Past, Present and the Future. How experiences of the past can teach you to be brave but should not be the parameters to hold you back and minutely talked about in the beautiful curation by Renu. “Affirmations” play an important role in the life of Human beings. How Affirmations are important are also beautifully discussed in this book. The “confidence” trait is stretched about in this book and is given massive importance . Renu Mangtani has talked about how confidence has played a major role in her life in uplifting her life as well as her career.

This book can also be called one of the best books in the self help category as , it has been focused on the topic of Positive Wellbeing. Renu Mangtani has focused on how positive well being is important as is crucial for everyone’s life. Lastly she has also stressed on positive relationships and friendships which helps a person to grow in their own respective fields.

This book has her personal stories and experiences with positive affirmations and her realizations on Self Help. “The Height of Life in 24 Rains” is a must read for someone who is looking forward to leading a happy and healthy life.

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