An insight to the world of Heritage Photography by Subha Sanket Pattanayak

by Subhechcha Ganguly


Photography is more than a hobby or passion to some individuals. It is a way of representing ethnicty ,culture and richness ones’ state can possess. Subha Sanket Pattanayak is one of the most promising individuals who captures the picturesque beauty of the Odisha mainland and brings the beauty of Odisha infront of the eyes of local and national audience.


If we talk abou Subha Sanket Pattanayak and his work you can easily call him a multitasker .He is not only an  engineer on the weekdays but also a passionate solo traveller on the weekends. He believes travelling itself can teach human beings the way of life . Travelling also has the power to shape a human mind into a creative  healthy  mind with utmost compassion.


Sanket often loves escaping into the ancient ruins across the country and  explore the stories of bygone eras and share his experiences through photography. He believes every place that is crafted with such hardwork has a story to tell. There are several beautiful places in India and Odisha is a state which is so rich in Culture and Heritage.

He also talked about how people often travel abroad to enjoy the scenic beauty but we often overlook the treasures that are hidden in our own home land. Odisha is a beautiful place to be explored starting from the Konark Temple , The Jagannath Temple , The Marine Drive Puri to Rajarani Temple Bhubaneswar, The Golden Triangle ( Udaygiri , Khandagiri, LalitGiri) and the list is never ending.


The beautiful carvings in the Rajarani Temple are a treat to watch for a lot of visitors. Subha Sanket Pattanayak has an instagram page called safarnaama.sanket where he stares stories of the beautiful places he visited and clicked photos of.


Some of the places in Bhubaneswar are not only wrapped with beautiful designs but are also known for the Natural beauty the place posesses . Chilika Lake is one of them where vistors visit everywhere to enjoy the sight of the scenic beauty and the migratory birds.Subha Sanket Pattanayak believes that “Odisha is Rich in culture and several unique places are rich in heritage . Capturing them would represent real Odisha ! Thus heritage photography that I do tells us story regarding these places and makes people aware.”

Interviewed  by : Subhechcha Ganguly


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