God is a Woman

Rhydhm Chheda - An article ny International Literature Council of Women


We have often heard the phrase, ‘God is a woman’. It especially became famous after  Ariana Grande, a famous popstar  singer, released a song with the phrase as  its  name. But of course, there were controversies regarding that too.

Now I’m not here to create another controversy. Nor am I going to convince you that God is a woman. And if you are an atheist, then I’m also not going to convince you that God is real or not.Your pick.
Then why am I here? I know that the injustices against women are endless. Not a day goes by when I don’t see a woman face the unjust of the world. Be it on social media or in reallife. It’s simply sad and should be resolved. But in this world of darkness, we need to add  a little sunshine.So,let’s talk about the  greatness of women instead of their flaws.

Because we are human.We  are anything but perfect.And it’s our flaws that make us human,isn’t it?
Why are women so important? Women are the world-runners. Without them, the worldwouldn’t work. They are the ones who give birth to us, birth to life. They provide us with everything we need and are naturally born fierce yet caring.

No amount of appreciation can be enough for them. Recently, the term, ‘not like other girls’ has gotten famous. Though this became popular based on parody and satire, it becomes important to notice that every other girl is unique, Precious. And most of all, one of their kind.

Okay, let’s go back to  the very start of time. According to many legends ,it was a goddess that started the society. From Greek mythology, where it’s Gaia; to Hinduism, where Mahadevi, life flourished from women. More goddesses like Athena, who is the goddess of strategic war to Aphrodite, who is the goddess of love and beauty. This simply shows how diverse each woman was even in those times. In that sense,no girl is like other girls,all of them are different and vivid.

The stereotype, ‘women are nurturing and delicate and shy,’ mainly came from the belief that‘man was a hunter and woman was a gatherer’.According to this theory, men were the hunters who went to hunt for animals and the women were gatherers who stuck to gathering plant-based food. However, recent studies have upended this theory. Women also used to hunt along with men. And they were also buried with the weapons and tools they used for hunting. The problem with the theory of division of occupation based on gender was that not only was this taught to young kids, telling them to fit into a particular box, but also it was often used with a derogatory meaning, especially for women. Their jobs seemed menial if a man wanted to do it, yet it was necessary and expected out of them to do the work.

Throughout history, women have been diminished and their power is taken away so much that many disguised themselves as men to do what they loved. And if they were credited for things, they never made it to our history books. The very Wi-Fi we use today and depend on is a woman’s invention – Hedy LaMarr, an American actress who shared her love for the technology behind the cameras, created the Wi-Fi. Barbie, who was first created to be a figure of empowerment for little girls to do whatever they wanted to do, was created by Ruth Handler.

So, if you still think that women are not great, take a peek at history and you’ll be corrected.

Thank you.

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