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How Covid-19 has torn apart the status quo in relationships

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By, Yogita Malhotra 

The massive outbreak of COVID-19 has inevitably turned the world topsy-turvy. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, it has left an indelible imprint on the political, social, and economic structures. How can one forget its detrimental impact on personal relationships?

The specific need for wearing masks and maintaining social distancing has undoubtedly become the latest fads in the pandemic world. We have been practising it for months and there is a dire need to get adapted to it in the post-COVID-19 world.

In many cultures; shaking hands, hugging, and exchanging kisses are the habitual gestures of emotional warmth and love when we meet people and our loved ones, but the virus has made us all wary and cautious of humans touching each other, let alone hugs and kisses.

The present scenario has confined us to alter our ingrained habits which we have been practising for centuries. Interestingly, it has profoundly affected the pining lovers, left with no viable options but to caress and cuddle each other through phone calls and video calls.

Some, however, who are with their partners in live-in relationships have been promptly arrested in the house, confronting problems which they might have never experienced.

Due to the raging Pandemic, people are being cooped up in their houses, the prolonged proximity among family ignites vehement arguments which lead to more dominant issues.

Moreover, Indian marriages, which are surviving; on the edge of divorce, under the decorated façade, or out of societal pressure seems under the supreme trial.

Purportedly, Rohan Mahajan, the founder of lawyer search platforms Lawrato, has also noted a significant increase in divorce inquiries, “nearly 6 out of 10 people are calling about divorce.”

Their incompatibility seems not the only bone of contention, but the financial constraints, conflicts over kids, lack of escape from each other, conflicts over chores, etc create a furore in their perturbed minds and anxious hearts.

Some friends are missing their social rendezvous, long drives, and late-night parties, fondly cherishing their old snapshots and eagerly waiting to flood their Instagram and Facebook with the attractive get-together pictures.

Are we trying to cope with reality? Indeed, the course of the pandemic has been rigorously testing our patience level; one cannot be ignorant of how this pandemic has also turned out to be the blessing in disguise for some; young minds unleashing their latent talents encouraged family members to enjoy the opportune moments, cleaning the air, etc.

No doubt, its negative effects weigh more than the positives, but, the sole way to combat is to keep up the sheer positivity and strictly follow the necessary norms.



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