In Conversation with Author Supriya

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Supriya is 25 year old girl from Chhattisgarh INDIA, completed graduation in biotechnology research field with advance training.She is a girl who believe in miracles do happen because of hard work and the results that came after, are the best gift of her life.

Q1) Since when did you have interest in writing?
Ans:-I was interested in writing since my school days, but I use to write my thoughts in diary(best friend), but never thought of writing in a professional manner. It just happened, suddenly I got opportunity to write in anthologies in February 2020. So, after that one by one I got numerous of opportunity to write in anthologies of different theme and genre as co- author.

Q2) You have written more than 25 books as a co-author , which genre is your favourite and why ?

Ans:- My favourite genre is Inspirational and Romantic one in a “poetry”way because I just love word play and creativity. The beauty of poetry is a showcase of wordplay, creativity and uses of poetic device which enhances its beauty even more and makes my heart fluttered and increases my adrenaline rush.

Q3) Tell us about one of your favourite writeups that you have written.
Ans:- Its hard to pick one, all of my write-ups are somewhat have my personal experiences. If I need to pick one of my favourite writeup then I’ll pick “Scars-sign of fighter” which I wrote for “Wishtling wind” anthology because its really had my whole sort of emotions.

Q4) “Nowadays the reading habit has decreased in teenagers”. What are your views on this topic?

Ans:- According to me, Nowadays teenagers are investing most of their time in listening – audiobooks, listening songs, poetry, motivational videos in YouTube and watching movies rather than reading books. It’s 21st century generation, Even instagram reels plays vital role in motivating one and everyone uses all sort of gadgets now more frequently. So people are more interested in this all mentioned above than paperback books, Ultimately decreased their habits of reading.
To increase the reading habit of youth and others, I tried to put my creativity in such a way, so they can get attracted towards reading more. To make them engage more post my poetry in social media platforms.

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