In Conversation with the Author of “Eternal Search for Heartfelt Love“, Shakthi Thanigaivel


Eternal Search for Heartfelt Love is a collection of 21 poems that explores the different phases and aspects of love and how it transcends over anything. The poems go in depth of how everyone of us have this one certain thing in common, that is the search for love and happiness, be it with others or even oneself. Let us know more about the journey of the eminent author Shakthi Thanigaivel.

How did come into the profession of writing?

I used to write poems on my Instagram page before and never imagined getting them as a book first. Thanks to a friend who sent me a link about this writing challenge through which I got this published. Love is a universal emotion that everyone can interpret and understand with ease and all of us have different perspectives and experiences. That is how I decided to write poems on love and hence this book came along as well.

What was your thought behind this book?

In the limited time, I have been on this planet so far, I was able to detect one constant emotion that all of us crave. We look out to have a certain level of comfort, a shoulder to cry on, and a trustworthy companion. But as we look further into it, I was able to see that happiness and peace are something that can bring an eternal satisfaction in living, and love is something that provides us with both. It need not be just with some other person but self-love achieves that too and finding that is something rewarding and it takes time and patience to get to it. Hence why I decided to stick with the first title “The Eternal Search for Heartfelt Love”.

Being an author, managing time to write the draft, curate the book takes an enormous effort and time. How do you manage the time?

It is highly important to have an effective timeline and be properly organized to make room for conceptualizing those internal stories I have and visualize them through the words. I make sure that when I write a poem or a novel, the focus will not oscillate to other activities that  I might have to do. So prioritizing it the right way I’d say is the key.


Are their days where the creativity is not at its peak, and it becomes challenging? Have you ever faced writers block? How did you overcome it?

Sometimes when we just try to force ideas and try extracting too much, it exhausts our creativity, and end up having dry ideas or none. I’d just take my bike for a ride to the beach and walk for a while getting some fresh air and watching the ocean, it soothes and eases the mind.


Any advice you want to give to the upcoming authors?

As a newbie author, I am not in the position or even qualified to be giving suggestions to budding writers as I am one of them as well. Although, never hesitate and always be ready to experiment with those deeper imaginations that you have always kept inside yourself and have fun while writing them.

You have recently received an eminent Literature Award. Tell us something about it.

So I was recently awarded with the Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award for my book “The Eternal Search for Heartfelt Love “. I was elated to have been given with such a prestigious honor with my debut book. It was surreal and I am still in the processing zone of what has happened in last few weeks.  I’m really happy and extremely grateful to all my close ones who stuck by me through my tough times and pushed me into the person I am today. A big thanks!

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