Interview with The Author of “The Secret of Leifeng Pagoda”

In conversation with Dr. Ruby Gupta

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Dr.Ruby Gupta has been honoured at the International Agatha Christie Festival in England.But this is just a small part of her enormous achievements.Lets see know more about her in the series Interview with the Authors , brought to you by Interview Times.


Q1) Since when did you recognize your calling as an author?

I loved reading as a child, particularly stories, and mystery stories to be precise. Later I took a convoluted career path. Somewhere along the way, I realised that I must do what I love. And when I exhausted reading all the books by my favourite authors, I decided to write books myself.


Q2) You have been telling that Crime Fiction is your favourite genre .Tell us about some of the books that you have read and admired in this genre.

I’d like to list my favourite authors because I like almost all their books. The reason I love them is because most of them are in the genres of mystery and crime fiction. Some I love because they are fast-paced thrillers and some for the amazing plot and characters. They are:

  1. Agatha Christie
  2. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  3. Sidney Sheldon
  4. Dan Browne
  5. Ken Follet
  6. Jeffery Archer
  7. John Grisham


Q3) How did you decide the plot for “The Secret of Leifeng Pagoda”?

I came across a newspaper article about the mysterious deaths of Indian nuclear scientists. When I read this, I was shocked and decided to delve into it. The more I researched, the more insidious facts I uncovered that pointed to a conspiracy against the safety and security of our country. That is when I decided to write this novel.


Q4) Tell us in brief about your curation “The Secret of Leifeng Pagoda”?

The Secret of Leifeng Pagoda is a cautionary tale about the disastrous consequences that can result if the divisive tendencies in our country are not reigned in. Also, the covert and subversive forces constantly at play since the time of independence that threaten the safety and security of India.


Q5) “Social Media Addiction is a problem in today’s life .Children are much more addicted to social media than reading books “.What do you think about this habit ? Should this habit be changed and how ?

Not only children but even adults are addicted to social media than reading books. This has become a huge problem today.

It is the dopamine hit that people get whilst using social media that has made them addicts.

Serious measures need to be taken to help people balance this addiction. A multi-pronged approach is required to mitigate its impact.

Various things like self-discipline, putting timers on apps, focussing on creative pursuits, cultivating active extracurricular activities, participation in sports/adventure sports, reading, live socializing, and real-time live interactions with like-minded hobby/friend groups can help.

Q6) What is your one advice to young authors who are willing to take up  writing in their future ?

The one piece of advice to budding authors is to read a lot, read indiscriminately, then read in the genres you want to write, and then read to learn the craft of writing. Remember there is no shortcut and that you must be prepared to work hard.

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