Making Success a defining Reality


A story of a young boy at his early twenties who comes from Jagatsinghpur district to Bhubaneswar by his ordinary bicycle peddeling over odd 100km just to earn his livelihoods but at the end it is his rigorous efforts that has enabled him to own a top class enginering industry.It suits the the most cherished phrase called “Rags to Riches” .

If you remind the famous footover bridges like pal heights or Master canteen Railway bridge step ups or Kalinga Stadium athletic pitches or on going Jajpur ongoing Jajpur Indoor Stadium tracks and many more have been the premier engineering services from the Brand JBS industries that is the venture owned by the man himself Soubhagya Jena.Once a struggler now becomes a profound entrepreneur of Odisha has been a savoiur for over hundred of employees working for JBS industries JBS Industries is the leading manufacturer of the advanced & innovative engineering works based out at the heart of Bhubaneswar.

He believes it is his constant persuasion to grow and grow from tutoring Rs 50 per student to establish JBS industries over 5crores of annual turnover has been an uphill experience one can ever imagine that comprises many sleepness nights with empty stomach still the spirit of inquisitiveness to stay relevant tomorrow.The most pathetic one in the memory lens was hiring machines with Space running in midnight to deliver engineering job- orders that is still very refreshing in me.That is what all about the meaning of hardwork and its pressure on mind & body.

After having an experience in this field over a decade prior to that an amount of Rs95,000 was the stepping stone to build his own Engineering & fabrications unit since then no look back in Carring his business entity beyond boundaries. If he reminds it correctly it was Rs 300 his first salary pay in the year late 90.

As a successful entrepreneur he plans to expand his business time to time in coping up with the changing times yet he is pursuing his diploma degree for getting a degree certificate on mechanical but the fact is that he has already mastery over all engineering mechanism designs or structures without any certificate courses. That’s where experience stand way ahead of the so-called certificate holders.He has always stood best in any scrutiny or examinations of getting any loans or tenders or business deals.its about the business acumen and honesty to the works.

Mr. Jena is a staunch believer of lord Jagannath hence he had named his business organization as JBS industries that stands Jagannath-Balbhadra-Subhadra.He always strives for giving back to the society in a sense his company offers old people to have free traveling to Puri to take blessings of Lord Jagannath. For him it’s their employees come first and committed to uplift their life and living style.

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