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One minute long stories can now be posted on instagram

by Subhechcha Ganguly

According to Meta, Instagram’s extended stories format will soon be available. A Story that is uploaded to Instagram that is less than 60 seconds long is now divided into 15-second pieces. The representative continued, “We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the Stories experience. The new functionality to the app is likely appreciated by users and viewers alike. Users will now be able to publish uninterrupted Stories that won’t be interrupted, and viewers won’t have to keep tapping to watch a lengthy video that they might not want to watch. However, many who preferred the straightforwardness of brief, bite-sized Stories might find the shift to be unappealing.

Additionally, because you now have two choices when it comes to posting a 60-second video, the distinction between Stories and Reels is somewhat blurred by the possibility to submit lengthier uninterrupted Stories.Instagram increased the maximum length of Reels from the previous 60 seconds to 90 seconds in June. Instagram, which is owned by Meta, is also experimenting with a new Stories layout that conceals overly lengthy postings.

Even while Instagram started out as a photo-sharing app, it is increasingly becoming a focused-on-videos platform. In recent times, the platform had also received criticism from well-known brands for imitating TikTok.

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