Social Media – A boon or bane ?

In conversation with Dr .Skandashree

by Subhechcha Ganguly

According to a survey by a regional daily the increase in people using social media has increased drastically in the past year .In 2022 ,the average a person used to spend on social media was 3 hours a day .Now 70% of the population uses social media upto 7 hours a day .Let’s talk to Dr. Skandashree on the topic “Social Media – A boon or bane ?”

Q1) Do you feel small children getting addicted to phones nowadays are causing a harm to them ?

As times change,so does the technology and we can only expect an advancement or a progress.There are pros and cons involved with the changes,on one hand although we are more able ,socially connected and have become knowledgeable,on the other hand there are visible downsides of being addicted and vulnerable to technological advances.The apparent problem is not the problem,the real problem is and also the solution is how do we adapt and tackle to the negative changes in the technology. We need to have a system or strategies in place that will partially if not completely help to deal with addiction. We need to get the children involved in outdoor activities and set a screen time.We need to set certain disciplines , monitor children and show them a life outside the digital world

Q2) We see a very common phenomenon nowadays. Even when we are sitting in a room with 5-6 people , almost everyone is into their phones ! What do you think has caused this habit?

The digital world is and has always been interesting, offering a wide array of choices and entertainment that recreates one with no limits .The entertainment factor,especially on the social media in terms of art,movies ,dance and alike has captured the mind and hearts of not just this generation ,but also even the older ones.So when there is so much going on in the digital world,it has sort of become a habit to remain hooked on to it,as it seems interesting and scientifically it is also known to cause surge of dopamine.Thus inevitably one tends to ignore the reality of social setting and is distracted from actual social interactions happening in the here and the now.

Q3) What according to you can be done by the youth to ensure proper usage of social media ?

1.Screen time sense should be inculcated, where in a certain time is to be spent on the screen
2.Outdoor ,social activities like trekking,nature walks ,storytelling and any sort of social platforms to participate in front of people should be encouraged to ensure healthy interaction.
3.Yoga meditation or any sort of physical activity to improve focus is very vital and will go in a long way.
4.Parents should involve more with the children and hang our with them.

Q4) Do you feel somewhere or the other parents are a factor who needs to be blamed for social media addiction ?

It is a collective responsibility, you can’t point out fingers at one particular person or a sect that is the reason behind this addiction.
Although there various kinds of parents with their unique parenting styles,we all need to get to a common ground and formulate how our future generations can be better and free if addictions.

Q5) “Several hobbies like reading books , outdoor activities can curb social media addiction to a limit “. How do you think youth can be inspired to take up such activities ?

It starts at home,parents should encourage children to go to libraries. They should be role models to their children,if they are into reading and have other interests, these will naturally be emulated by their children and the children tend to get inspired or show interest.
School is another significant environment where children learn to  understand and develop  their interests or hobbies and learn how to balance things .

Q6) Finally what is your take on this entire topic.

We need to find and follow effective strategies to tackle social media addiction as a problem before it spirals out of control.Technology or social media shouldn’t be treated as the main problem, because we know that it is going to stay on for sure,we instead need to focus on how to use social media in moderation and use it to our advantage. I can’t stress enough on the fact that problems are no longer problems if we know how to deal with them.

Thankyou so much for sparing your valuable time for the interview.

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