Spearheading value-based education- Anand Agarwal

by Subhechcha Ganguly

The Vedic Group of Institutions was created and founded in 2008. It presently has two campuses and offers society’s top education. One is in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, and the other is in Sambalpur, Odisha. Vedic is a company with an ISO 9001-2015 certification. From Kindergarten to Class XII, Vedic offers classes. Graduate studies in the arts, sciences, and commerce as well as a B.Ed. are thereafter offered. This reputed institution also provides international standard robotics and coding classes. The top educators in the nation, who are highly qualified, enthusiastic, motivationally driven, compassionate, and committed, work at Vedic.

Q1) Every journey has a significant start. Kindly tell us what ignited the passion in you to work for top notch education in the society?

When I was a student of Primary level I literally struggled to pass. But as I went to secondary level I talked to myself that what I would do with this sort of results in future. After this I went to a phase of spiritual awakening and pit my best efforts and the result was marvelous. In class 7 I was not only the topper of my class School but also of the nearby area. Later on this incident gave a profound motivation to me when I started my own educational Institution. By that I had realized that it is only and only education that can change the society and if I could do it why not others? Since then I am in continuous process of bringing the best of the best in the field of complete which shall mutually benefit me and the society reciprocally.

Q2) Educators play a major role in any institution. How does the selection process of educators take place here?

Educators or rather facilitators are the one who actually shapes up the young minds. In our selection process we ensure that they are not only academically excellent but also self motivated for this job. As this is not a mere 9 to 5 job we ensure that our educators are ready 24×7 ready for this job and as every child is unique so our educators are flexible and adaptable to the needs of every child. So our educators are not our employees but equal stake holders who are self bound and answerable for all their outputs with freedom and responsibilities.

Q3) You have been awarded with the Indian Excellence Award. Tell us about your journey for this award.

I believe that every award I have received have worked as a motivational and inspirational factor to move ahead. Awards have bestowed me more responsibilities to contribute more towards the society in general and world of Education in particular. After receiving National Education Excellence Award, Assocham National Edushine Excellence Award. On 25th January 2023 I was awarded prestigious Indian Achievers Award along with some prominent personalities from the world of Sports, Entertainment, Defense, Literary genius, Medicine. This award puts me in league with the best in the country. When I look back to my journey I get thrilled, honoured and motivated to reciprocate with my contribution to the world of Education. I believe my sincerity, honesty and drive to cut above the ordinary in secret behind this.

Q4) In today’s generation social media addiction (spending long hours of time on mobile phones) is an issue. What is your opinion on this? Can proper awareness and education correct this?

I believe that modern discoveries have two facets it can be blessings or curse. It completely depends on how you use it. In this fast age of communication revolution Mobiles are indispensable. There is no denying of this. Worrying part is mobiles have got into today’s children’s life particularly during the Covid menace. Today addiction of Mobile and evil shadow of negative aspects of social media has disrupted the life pattern of today’s Kids. Children should be made aware of this. Moreover today’s children are more lonely due prevalence of nuclear families and busy lifestyle of Parents. In this aspect parents have big role to play. They need to spend quality and productive time with their children, need to re-build and tie up their relations with their family. Ask the children to earn mobile hours as a reward for their academic and Co academic performances. These can surely check the weedy growth of mobile addiction.


Q5) You have talked about your mission to encourage each child to be independent and develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and respect for others in the environment. What are the other missions you are looking forward to.?

  • Value the time and time will value you.
  • Make success a habit.
  • Think local and achieve global.
  • Inculcate and preserve values.
  • Develop empathy for less fortunate sections of the Society and try to empower them.
  • Promote sustainable development conservation and zero wastage.

Q6) Finally what is your vision towards Odisha .

Odisha is my home state and being the son of the soil I have lot of dreams and duties towards Odisha. I want to bring Education facilities which is at par or if not better education facilities than the best in the Country. I dream that our children get the best in overall education and need not have to move out to Kota or Bengaluru. The state has immense potential I just want to channelize them into prospect. After all, it is Odisha which changed the mindset of Ashoka and he went on to become the most influential King of the country. Similarly ,I believe that Odisha will be a leader in creating the best citizen of my Motherland and shape up her destiny.

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