Cimpress is adopting a 4.5-day work week with Recharge Fridays.


Cimpress, a global mass customization firm, has implemented Recharge Fridays for certain of its business groups. This results in a 4.5-day work week rather than a 5-day work week. Every Friday, employees are given a half-day off. This is in addition to the standard paid time off they receive. The company’s goal is to provide employees with opportunities to care for their health and to promote work-life balance. Employees can use this time to accomplish anything they desire to replenish their batteries. Fridays are also no-meeting days, which allows staff to schedule their days more efficiently. Recharge Fridays are not currently available across all business units.”We think that when employees can commit time and attention to things that offer them joy, they are more productive and engaged.” Giving our staff an extra half-day off will allow them to replenish their batteries and pursue their passions. Initiatives like this have maintained our attrition rate to less than half of the industry average,” Sane remarked.

By Subhechcha Ganguly